Our Vision

To be a community of learners who set an example
    through being honest, vulnerable and courageous.

As schools remain closed, I believe it is vital that we continue our learning and use this opportunity to not only embrace new technologies but to form positive learning habits that will set us up to succeed in secondary school and beyond. 

The two weeks before Easter the children's learning was composed of resources that were sent home prior to closure, a weekly timetable of three lessons per day (literacy, numeracy and a curriculum area) and daily videos from myself explaining each task.
 As that fortnight drew to a close I released an online survey to find out how effective this had been. Here are the results

89% of children completed most of the tasks set.
Most children spent 3-4 hours on school work each day (55%)
100% of families felt they had enough support from the class teacher.
Most children completed their work at different times on different days (50%)  
After easter families would like virtual learning to be the same as the last two weeks (39%) but with the option of some live sessions (39%).

In response to this we will be changing the format of our virtual learning post easter.
We will be using Microsoft Teams and Class Notebook to help us structure our learning. I genuinely believe that this will allow us to minimise the impact on the children's learning, allow us all to remain connected and offer each other the much needed support to get through this unusual time.              

We're in this together



Dear Parents/Carers,   
Here we are at the dawn of your child’s final year in primary school, it is an important year in many ways, preparing your child for their SATs, secondary school and becoming young people who are confident, caring and ready to make the next step in their learning journey. It is a responsibility and a privilege that I do not take lightly. I trust that this will be a year that your child will look back on fondly as their time at Pot Kiln draws to a close.

I firmly believe that the best learning takes place when parents and teachers are working together to help each child achieve their full potential. If at any point over the following year you wish to speak to me to discuss your child and their learning please contact the office to arrange a time, I will also  be around on the playground after school if you want to grab me for a quick chat.

I have tried to outline all the key information you will need both here on this website and in the Year 6 handbook which went home at the start of the year and I trust it will be of help to you.

If I can be of any help to you over this year please do not hesitate to get in contact.

Kindest regards
D. Stevens   
Class Teacher

100% of Pupils said 
 they feel safe in Hawthorn class

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