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Reception Parent

The teachers and teaching assistants have done a fantastic job. My child has come along so well since starting in September.

Year 4 Parent

My child has loved being with his teacher and the teaching assistant this and it is testament to such amazing staff that he has come so far and his confidence has increased so much.

Year 4 Parent

My child’s teacher has enabled my child to have passion and confidence, and their support of his learning is unwavering and the children in this class love their teacher for it.

Year 1 Parent

My child enjoys school and this is clearly reflected in their report.

Nursery Parent

I am extremely proud of my child’s report and cannot thank all the adults involved enough with helping my child grow.

Nursery Parent

I can’t thank the adults in Nursery involved in my child’s learning journey enough for encouraging her and embracing who she is an individual.

Nursery Parent

The progress my child has made with vocabulary and counting is amazing. I wholeheartedly believe this is from the fantastic adults giving him the time and patience he needs. Thankyou!

Year 1 Parent

We are so over the moon with our child’s progress this year. She absolutely loves school and is keen to continue her learning at home.

Year 6 Parent

I am very pleased with my child’s progress and the way the staff have helped my child.

Year 5 Parent

I’m beyond pleased with my child’s end of year report, he has really enjoyed Year 5 and is always eager to get to school each day. Thankyou so much for seeing the best in him and for really encouraging that.

Year 1 Parent

My child has come so far this year thanks to her amazing teachers. Her confidence has grown and her development has improved.

Year 2 Parent

My child is always so happy to go to into school and eager to learn and incredibly independent.


I am glad to see how much she has learnt and how she has managed to build closer relationships with others.

Pot Kiln Values


I am connected to others and not alone.


I am capable of achieving whatever I put my mind to.


I am unique and valued, I matter and I count.


I am willing to give things a go even when I’m scared.


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